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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I 'fit in'?

Yes!  One of the things our students rate highly about our Sixth Form is how the student body 'gets along' and 'everyone is nice'.

Usually, around 1/3 of our Year 12 students join us from other schools.  Equally, for those who have been to Stratford upon Avon School since Year 7, joining the Sixth Form is an opportunity to 'reset'.  New friendship groups develop every year.

We organise an activity centre trip at the beginning of Year 12.  This is for everyone to get to know each other.  The Common Room is a great 'melting pot'.  After a few weeks, it is difficult to tell who has been at Stratford since they were 11 and who has only recently joined.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved.  Volunteering, helping lower years, leading at Open Evenings... all of these sorts of activities give you even more opportunities to 'find your tribe'.

Are A Levels hard?

Yes!  They are meant to be challenging.  

However, we provide the structure and support you will need to achieve success. 

For example, most Sixth Forms nationally give their students nine hours per fortnight for each A Level.  We give you ten.  Over the course of two years, that is 40 hours extra per subject.

We also provide excellent Independent Study.  You will have these sessions on your timetable, and they are supervised by one of our staff to ensure all students remain on track.

What subjects can I do?

We offer more than 20 subjects in Year 12.  The Enrichment courses are on top of that.  There is plenty of choice!  To find out more, use the links on the website to find the 'Courses Offered' and 'Enrichment' options.

We believe in being upfront and honest, so we tell you what the Option Blocks are when you first apply.  

Can I take an A Level in a subject I have not studied before?

Many of our subjects are available to students who may not have had the opportunity to study them before. For example, if you did not study GCSE History you can still do the A Level History course as long as you attain a strong English GCSE grade.

For more details, look at the entry criteria on our Admissions page.

Can I take 4 A-Levels?

Yes. Although universities do not require you to study 4 A Levels, and it is a significant commitment not to be taken lightly, we believe it can be the right option for the most academically able students. If you want to discuss this further, please get in touch.

Can I change courses in Year 12?

In the first four weeks, usually, yes. It is not ideal, and you will have up to four weeks' worth of work (20 hours of lessons plus homework, etc.) to catch up on for the new subject. You would need to discuss this with the Head of Sixth Form as soon as you start to have these thoughts.

Who teaches the Sixth Form?

Some of our teachers only teach the Sixth Form. Others teach predominantly the Sixth Form. And others, again, teach most year groups. It is a mix.

As a Sixth Form we try to make sure that each course is taught by the teacher who knows that course the best.

For example, Mr Bolton is one of the teachers of the Cold War History unit in Year 12... but he would not teach the Anglo-Saxon course in Year 12 because Mr Faughnan knows much more about that than Mr Bolton.

How many students are in a class?

It varies a lot. We have classes as small as two students. The average is about 15 students in a class. However, some have more.

We have limits on class sizes which differ according to the subject. For example, a Technology-based course needs to have a smaller class size than some others.

One of the things our students rate highly about our Sixth Form is their lessons, how their classes 'get along' and the different type of relationship they can have with their teacher compared to in the lower school.

Do Sixth Form students attend every day?

Yes. Our Sixth Form students attend all day, every day. That is one of the things that makes us different to some other Sixth Forms.

Most of the time you will be in a lesson or Private Study period.

However, we provide Sixth Form with exclusive use of our large Common Room area throughout the day. Some students use the Common Room to catch up on work. Others can be found playing cards or chess. It's a space we want you to feel comfortable in.

Will I have a Tutor Group?

All sixth form students are aligned with a tutor group and a college. Current Year 11s in Stratford School will remain in their tutor group throughout their time in the Sixth Form.

New students to our Sixth Form will be allocated tutor group on enrolment day and will remain in it throughout their time with us.