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Please use our online admissions form below, the paper version should only be used in those cases where you cannot access the online provision. Any enquiries regarding the admissions process should be made to 

*Please note that any applications submitted after Friday 9th July may take longer to process.  Offer letters will be sent out subject to a school reference being received by us.

Course Timetable Blocks

As promised after our deadline of Feb 1st we can now publish our course timetable blocks. Any applications after this time must coincide with these blocks and must only select one course from any of the blocks.

Block A Block B Block C Block D Block E
Biology 1 Applied Science Chemistry Business Studies Art
Criminology Business Studies Criminology Geography Drama
History English Literature Economics Maths English Lang
Maths Physics PE Media Studies History
Sociology   Psychology Photography Psychology
Architecture       Sociology
        Further Maths
EPQ DofE Young Enterprise EPQ EPQ
      DofE Math Studies

Application Process Timeline:

Nov – Jan

Applications received and acknowledged.

In the event a course becomes oversubscribe places will be allocated in order of date the application received.  (The earliest applications will therefore have an advantage so we strongly recommend you apply online to reduce any time delay of receiving your application)

Feb 1st

Deadline for applications

Course groupings for timetabling with then occur based on applications received. Though we do accept applications after this date they will not be considered as part of the timetabling so your course choices may not be available.

By Easter

Offer letters sent out.

(External applicants are advised to check their junk/spam folder for offer emails)


 We will arrange interviews with any students whose application may need more consideration

The offers will be accompanied by data requests for proof of identity (for external candidates) and other school required information and permissions. These data requests need to be completed for a student to be enrolled. Upon receipt of these data requests we will be able to fast track the enrolment process in August once the required grades have been confirmed.


Taster Event

Pre A level Preparation work can be found here: Pre A'level Preparation work

Taster session timetable and sign up links can be found here: Taster Session Timetable

End of Summer Term

Homework Due in

Pre A level Preparation work deadline is 12th July 2021, any issues can be resolved by visiting the Pre A level Preparation work page linked here. 

12th August 

GCSE Results and Enrolment

Arrangements will be published during taster event

All students wishing to join us should complete an enrolment form (this will be emailed to applicants the day before results day) with proof of GCSE grades attained. You will then receive an acknowledgement of your place.

(students who may have just missed any of the entry requirements for their requested courses can request a call to discuss their course options)

Please note at this point if you have registered with us and received an offer but chose not to join us in September any information we have regarding your application will be destroyed in line with our Data Protection policy.



General Entry Requirements:

Our minimum entrance requirements are five GCSEs at Level 4-9 including English Language and Maths (GCSE equivalent qualifications will be considered on a case by case basis)

Please familiarise yourself with our subjects available for Sept 2021 by going to our 'Subjects Offered' page.

Core Requirements:

  • Evidence of good attitude to study
  • Evidence of good attendance
  • Completed application form
  • Internal students school report and attainment data will be reviewed.

External Students:

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation we are undertaking a different version of our usual Open Events to find out more go to our Open Events Page

We are quite rightly very proud of our Sixth Form at Stratford upon Avon School.  If you believe you have the right ethos to do the very best you can, and make the most of your time with us, then we would be happy to receive your application to join us in September 2021.

Entry Requirements

Level 3 Qualifications- A Level Subject Entry Requirements (Level 2/GCSE)
Applied Science (Level 3 Extended Certificate) Two grade 5s in GCSE Science
Architecture (Design Engineer, Construct) Level 3 Diploma Grade 5 in Mathematics and a grade 5 in a Science
Art (Fine Art - Drawing & Painting) Grade 5 in Art and / or evidence of Portfolio
Biology Grade 6,6 in Combined Science GCSE or if you have studied the Sciences separately, grade 6 in at least two, including Biology, plus a grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics
Business Studies Grade 4 in Maths and English Language
Chemistry Grade 6,6 in Combined Science GCSE or if you have studied the Sciences separately, grade 6 in at least two, including Chemistry, plus a grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics
Criminology (Level 3 Diploma) Grade 4 in English Language
Drama Grade 5 in English and an enthusiasm for Drama
Economics Grade 4 in Maths and English Language
English Language Grade 5  in English Language
English Literature Grade 5 in English Literature
Geography Grade 5 in Geography

Grade 5 in History (If History GCSE not taken then English Lang Grade 6)

Maths Grade 6 in Maths
Further Maths Grade 7 in Maths
Media Studies Grade 4 in English Language
PE (Physical Education) Grade 5 in Sport / PE or grade 5 in Biology or grade 5,5 in Combined Science (students are expected to currently participate in a competitive sport
Physics Grade 6,6 in Combined Science GCSE or if you have studied the Sciences separately, grade 6 in at least two, including Physics, plus a grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics
Psychology Grade 6,5 in two Sciences and grade 4 in English Language
Photography Grade 5 in Art or Photography and/or evidence of portfolio
Sociology Grade 4 in English Language
Extended Project As part of our enrichment programme
Level 2 Qualifications  
GCSE English Language (re-sit) Subject to discussion with the school
GCSE Maths (re-sit) Subject to discussion with the school


Sixth form places will be allocated on the following basis:

  • Attainment of general entry requirement of five level 5 GCSEs including English Language and Maths
  • Attainment of subject specific entry requirements.

Oversubscribed Subject Allocation:

The criteria above must first be met then subject places will be allocated in the following order;

  • Students who already study at Stratford upon Avon School
  • The date applications are received