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Within our Sixth Form we promote an adult and business-like working environment. This is factored on mutual respect and trust, and as such we are keen to offer students a degree of responsibility for their own learning. Nevertheless, we do recognise that this is a structured environment and therefore we have a number of expectations. These include:

  • A high level of student attendance and punctuality
  • Student attendance at both their Form group and weekly Sixth Form briefing
  • Business attire

We view our Sixth Formers as outstanding role models to our younger students and expect them to take an active role within their form groups and College.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Stratford-upon-Avon School is committed to safeguarding and, therefore, lanyards MUST be worn at ALL times.

Dress Code should be: ‘Formal – school appropriate, professional, modest and practical.' 

This would be exemplified by a trouser suit with a tie and a shirt tucked in, a skirt suit with business blouse or top or a formal dress and jacket.

Blazers and jackets do not have to be worn once in the classroom but must be worn at all other times. 

Dress code appropriateness is at the discretion of Mrs McLeary and the Sixth Form Team.

General Uniform requirements:

  • Students are allowed to wear one piece of discrete jewellery and a small pair of stud earrings. No facial or other body piercings are allowed.
  • Hairstyles and hair accessories must be discreet and 'office appropriate'.
  • Make-up, if worn, should be minimal.

Attendance / Absence

Absence Line - 01789 209 296

Within the Sixth Form, we are endeavouring to bridge the gap between child and adult, and as such we are keen to offer students a degree of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. However, we do this in a structured environment, and as such, as well as the normal school expectations, we have some additional ones for our Sixth Form students.

These include:

  • Attendance at all registrations and Sixth Form Notices
  • Attendance in school at all times during the day with the exception of any agreed periods of absence.

Details of exceptions can be obtained from the Sixth Form office. All absences, if not agreed prior to the date, should be reported on the 24-hour absence line 01789 209 296.

Non-notified absences will be recorded as unauthorised.

Information regarding student absence can be found here.