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Dress Code

Whilst we want students to experience the freedom and responsibility of making some of their own decisions on what to wear – hence not imposing a uniform – we expect students to remember that they are part of a Sixth Form attached to a school and therefore need to dress appropriately.  The Dress Code, below, makes that easy to do. 

We expect you to behave with maturity and not create unnecessary conflict with staff by choosing to deviate from the Dress Code.  If that choice is made, students should expect to have Sixth Form privileges removed and/or to receive sanctions.

The Head of Sixth Form’s decision on the suitability of individual items is final.


These items must be worn at all times.

  • Black, dark blue or grey suit jacket and trousers OR
  • Black, dark blue or grey suit jacket and smart skirt,
  • Formal shirt and tie or blouse,
  • Smart, polishable, shoes,
  • Sixth Form lanyard.

Sixth Form students are expected to wear a jacket every day and are not permitted to wear sweatshirts or hooded tops.

Suit jackets may be taken off in the Common Room and in lessons.


These are in addition to, not instead of, the compulsory items above.

  • Waistcoat,
  • Smart fine-knit jumper or fitted cardigan (small, or no, logo),
  • Plain tights,
  • If worn, jewellery must be subtle,
  • If worn, makeup must be minimal.

Not allowed

This is not an exhaustive list, but we hope it serves to illustrate the sorts of items not to be worn.

  • Coats (taken off on arrival and stored in your locker),
  • Crop tops,
  • Hoodies,
  • Strappy tops,
  • Sweatshirts,
  • Zipped tops,
  • Trainers.