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Examination & Results


Exam Office Details

Exams Office open hours:   8:30am to 2:30pm

Contact Email:

At Stratford upon Avon School there are usually the following main external examination seasons:

  • November:  GCSE Re-sits
  • May/June:    GCSE and A Levels

In addition there are:

  • March / April / May: GCSE Practical Exams
  • November / December / January / April / July:  External and internal mock exams

Details of each exam series will be confirmed in advance with a timetable published in the Examination and Assessment Timetables section below.

Examination & Assessment Timetables

Timetables for each exam series, once confirmed, will be published in this section. 


Timetables for internal assessments will be issued as soon as they are finalised.

Year 10 Mock Exam Timetable - June/July 2023

Year 12 Transition Exam Timetable - June 2023


Timetables for external assessments will be issued as soon as they are finalised.

**Summer 2023 External Exam Timetable   (version 1 issued 06/02/2023)


**Summer 2023 Contingency Arrangements

Contingency dates are set throughout the summer exam series in the event of a national or local disruption to exams.  JCQ and exam boards have designated the following contingency dates for Summer 2023.

Thursday 8 June 2023 - afternoon

Thursday 15 June 2023 - afternoon

Wednesday 28 June 2023 - all day 

IMPORTANT:  Students MUST remain available on each contingency date up to, and including, Wednesday 28 June 2023 should an exam board need to invoke its contingency plan.


Private Candidates

Stratford upon Avon School can only accept private entry requests from candidates if they were on roll at Stratford upon Avon School and sat exams, or completed qualifications, during the previous academic year (or within the previous 12 month period).

Post Results Services

Post Results Services

General Information

Each awarding body offers a range of post result services in line with JCQ Regulations.  Below is an overview of what each service entails.

Clerical Check - This service will include checks to:

  • ensure all parts of the script have been marked
  • the totalling of marks
  • the recording of marks
  • Completion of a clerical check takes up to 10 working days

IMPORTANT - If this service is used grades are not protected so can go down, stay the same or go up.

Review of Marking - A review of marking does not re-mark the script but reviews the original marking to ensure the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly.  This service also includes clerical re-checks.  Completion deadline is within 20 calendar days of the awarding body receiving the request.

IMPORTANT - If this service is used grades are not protected so can go down, stay the same or go up.

A Level Priority Review of Marking is available for a very limited time and is for A Level students whose place is dependent on the review outcome.  Students must include their UCAS ID in the application to access this service.  This service can take up to 15 calendar days.

GCSE Priority Review of Marking is only on offer by Edexcel and available for a very limited time to help decide on next steps.  This service can take up to 15 calendar days.

Access to Scripts - Access to Scripts service allows you to request copies of your marked exam papers.  Scripts do not have examiner annotation on them, but you can see the marks.  The priority access to scripts service can be used if you need to see a copy of a paper to help decide whether to make a 'review of marking' application.  There is no guarantee papers will arrive before the priority review of marking deadline.


Deadlines and Fees

Details of A Level and GCSE post result services fees are published for each exam series.  Details will be listed below when available. 


Help Needed?

Once you have received your results, should you require assistance please contact school by emailing either your subject teacher or


Collection of Certificates

Summer 2022 Series

Certificates of results from the Summer 2022 series will be available for collection from Monday 21 November 2022 until Thursday 15 December 2022.  Collection instructions can be accessed via the link below.

Summer 2022 Certificate Collection Process

Full details of the collection process have been emailed to students and parents/carers.

Coursework/NEA Marking Appeals Procedure

Certain GCSE, GCE and other qualifications contain components of non-examination assessment (NEA) or units of coursework, which are internally assessed (marked) by Stratford upon Avon School and internally standardised.  The marks awarded (the internal assessment decisions) which contribute to the final grade of the qualification are then submitted by the deadline set by the awarding body for external moderation. 

The Internal Appeals Procedure confirms Stratford upon Avon School compliance with JCQ’s General Regulations for Approved Centres that the centre will:

• have in place and be available for inspection purposes, a written internal appeals procedure relating to internal assessment decisions and to ensure that details of this procedure are communicated, made widely available and accessible to all candidates

• before submitting marks to the awarding body inform candidates of their centre assessed marks and allow a candidate to request a review of the centre’s marking

Internal Appeals Procedure

Student Exam Procedures

Students must ensure that they are familiar with the regulations of exams and the processes that are in place to support them.  The Exam Procedures - Student Guide contains key information that all students taking external assessments and exams during 2022-23 must read.

Exam Procedures - Student Guide 2022-23


Private Candidates

Stratford upon Avon School can only accept private entry requests from candidates if they were on roll at Stratford upon Avon School and sat exams, or completed qualifications, during the previous academic year (or within the previous 12 months).

Key JCQ Documentation

JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) have produced information for candidates which provide you with important information regarding coursework, non-exam assessments as well as written and oral examinations.  Each document should be read by all students completing controlled assessments, coursework or non-exam assessments and external written exams.  Each document is contained within the Exam Procedures - Student Guide 2022-23.

Information for Candidates 2022-23

JCQ Information for Candidates - Written Exams

JCQ Information for Candidates - Onscreen tests

JCQ Information for Candidates - Coursework

JCQ Information for Candidates - Non Examined Assessments

JCQ Information for Candidates - Social Media

JCQ Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice

JCQ Warning to Candidates poster

JCQ Unauthorised Items poster

The  JCQ documents are for all schools in England and Wales to ensure consistency of approach and the integrity of the examination system.

Examination Guidance - On the Day

Ensure you know exactly when your exams are by referring to your exam timetable.

All students are expected to be wearing full school uniform for each exam.  Sixth Form students must adhere to the school dress code.

Remember to bring the correct equipment to each exam - a minimum of a black pen (but not a gel pen), a pencil and an eraser in a clear, uncoloured pencil case.

If you bring a bottle of water to the exam you must ensure it 500ml or smaller, transparent and uncoloured.  It must free of all labels and not have any writing or patterns.

Mobile phones, watches of any kind (including analogue wristwatches) and all types of data storage devices are strictly prohibited in all exam rooms.  This includes headphones and ear buds.

To avoid the risk of malpractice please ensure all pockets are empty.

Arrive at the designated assembly point in good time, at least 15 minutes before the start of the published exam time.

Awarding Body Information

At Stratford upon Avon School we are registered with a number of awarding bodies in order to deliver a wide range of qualifications. 

Below are details of the key awarding bodies with whom we work with and a link to their site for helpful materials.  Please note that the most recent papers are not available for general public access.


Devas Street
M15 6EX



190 High Holborn



Syndicate Building
1 Hills Road



245 Western Avenue