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Examination & Results


Exam Office Details

Exams Office open hours:   8:30am to 2:30pm

Contact Email:

At Stratford upon Avon School there are usually the following main examination seasons:

  • November:  GCSE Re-sits
  • May/June:    GCSE and A Levels

In addition there are:

  • March/April/May: GCSE Practical Exams
  • January/April/July:  External and internal mock exams

Details of each exam series will be confirmed in advance with a timetable published in the Examination and Assessment Timetables section below.

Examination & Assessment Timetables

Timetables for each exam series, once confirmed, will be published in this section. 


Timetables for internal assessments will be issued as soon as they are finalised.

Year 10 Mock Exams - June 2022

Year 12 After School Assessment Timetable - June 2022



Summer 2022

A specific Stratford upon Avon School Summer 2022 exam timetable has been prepared and can be downloaded here.

Each exam board has published their Summer 2022 timetable.  Please refer to the links below.

AQA (A-level, AS, Level 3 certificates, Functional Skills, and Applied General) (GCSE, AQA Certificate, ELC, FCSE, Projects and L1/L2 Awards)

WJEC and Eduqas (AS and A-level) (GCSE) (Vocational and Other General Qualifications)

OCR (All key dates and timetables)

Pearson Edexcel (Pearson Edexcel AS and A-level) (Pearson Edexcel GCSE)


Important - Summer 2022 Contingency Date

The national contingency date for Summer 2022 is Wednesday 29 June 2022.  It is important that all students who are sitting exams during other Summer 2022 series must remain available up to, and including, Wednesday 29 June 2022.  This is in the event exam boards must rearrange exams due to a local or national disruption to the core timetable.  


Private Candidates

Stratford upon Avon School can only accept private entry requests from candidates if they were on roll at school and sat exams, or completed qualifications, during the previous academic year (or within the previous 12 month period).

Important Public Health Information

There are vital public health measures put in place by government that must be followed by all to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 across communities.  Please read carefully the Covid-19 Public Health Advice - exams 2020-21 which details how Stratford upon Avon School will manage and mitigate health risks for those involved in delivering and sitting exams.

Covid-19 Public Health Advice - exams 2020-21 (12.01.2021)

Updates to this advice will be made as government guidance is published.

Travelling to and from school

Please refer to government guidance for travel which must be followed when travelling to and from school.

Gov UK - Safer Travel Guidance for Passengers

Post Results Services

Post results services are not available for the Summer 2021 series, this was replaced by an appeals process developed to support the awarding of centre assessed grades. The Summer 2021 Appeals window closed on 17 September 2021.

Post results services are available for the exceptional Autumn 2021 exam series.  Please contact the Exams Office directly for more information. 

Collection of Certificates

Summer 2021 Series

Certificates for results from the Summer 2021 series were made available for collection from 1 December 2021.

Full details of the collection process was emailed to students and parents/carers.  A copy of the certificate collection process can be downloaded here.

Review of Coursework/NEA Marking Appeals Policy

Student Exam Procedures

Students must ensure that they are familiar with the regulations of exams and processes that are in place to support them.  The Exam Procedures - Student Guide 2021-22 contains key information that all students taking external assessments and exams during 2021-22 must read.

Exam Procedures - Student Guide 2021-22

Original document issued on 14 September 2021 - updated on 01/11/2021


Private Candidates

Stratford upon Avon School can only accept private entry requests from candidates if they were on roll at school and sat exams, or completed qualifications, during the previous academic year (or within the previous 12 months).

Key JCQ Documentation

JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) have produced information for candidates which provide you with important information regarding coursework, non-exam assessments as well as written and oral examinations.  Each document should be read by all students completing controlled assessments,  coursework or non-exam assessments and taking external exams.  Each document is all contained within the Exam Procedures - Student Guide 2021-22.

Information for Candidates 2021-22

JCQ Information for Candidates - Written Exams

JCQ Information for Candidates - Onscreen tests

JCQ Information for Candidates - Coursework

JCQ Information for Candidates - Non Examined Assessments

JCQ Information for Candidates - Social Media

JCQ Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice


The  JCQ documents are for all schools in England and Wales to ensure consistency of approach and the integrity of the examination system.

Examination Guidance - On the Day

Ensure you know exactly when your exams are by referring to your exam timetable.

Remember to bring the correct equipment to each exam - a minimum of a black pen  (not gel), a pencil and a rubber in a clear, uncoloured pencil case.

If you bring a bottle of water to the exam you must remove the label and ensure it is no bigger than 500ml, clear and uncoloured.

Mobile phones, smart watches and all types of data storage devices are strictly prohibited in all exam rooms.  This includes headphones and ear buds.

Wrist watches of any kind are also prohibited in the exam rooms

All students are expected in full school uniform for each exam.

And finally...... arrive in good time, at least 15 minutes before the start of the published exam time.

Awarding Body Information

At Stratford upon Avon School we are registered with a range of awarding bodies in order to deliver a wide range of qualifications. 

Below are details of the key awarding bodies with whom we work with and a link to their site for helpful materials.  Please note that the most recent papers are not available for general public access.


Devas Street
M15 6EX



190 High Holborn



Syndicate Building
1 Hills Road



245 Western Avenue

GCSE Exam Prep

Please see the link below for the latest GCSE prep: