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Over this academic year we have taken a co-ordinated approach to equality issues, linking assemblies, form time activities and sphere lessons to a particular equality theme. So far this year we have  considered Black History Month and we have explored the issues around bullying and harassment and this half term we are celebrating women’s rights and gender equality. Later in the year we will look at issues related to disability and mental health and towards the end of the year we will focus on LGBTQ+ matters celebrating Pride Month.

During the week of the 28th March a range of school wide activities will be taking place to raise awareness around gender equality.


  • Gender Equality  Sphere lessons for years 8-10
  • Word of the week
  • Gender Equality Assemblies during the week of the 28th March
  • Gender Equality Tutor activities

We believe equality issues are core to our values as a comprehensive school and our commitment to learn about, understand and respect difference. A simple way of looking at this is about being kind to ourselves and to others, thinking about the language we use and the actions we take when interacting with the world around us. We expect everyone in our school community to be kind, tolerant and respectful of others and most importantly challenge those who are not.