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Choosing A levels

Studying at A level is very different to studying for GCSEs.  In addition to studying subjects in greater depth, you will also be expected to spend a lot more time reading and researching in your own time.  It is therefore imperative to make the right choices to ensure your chances of success are maximised.  

Points to consider:

  • Subject enjoyment - If the subject is of interest you are more likely to learn. Check the syllabus with the subject teacher as course content may differ significantly from GCSE.
  • Ability - Entry requirements for A levels are set using  teachers’ experience. Students below minimum levels at GCSE will struggle with a subject at A level. 
  • New subject - Make sure your research the subject fully by asking teachers and current student about the syllabus and expectations. This is just as important for coursework based subjects. Taster sessions will be run at the end of the Summer term to allow students to get a feel for a subject.
  • Careers - If you have a career in mind it is imperative you check the entry requirements.  If you need to discuss this with someone you should do so very early in the Autumn term of year 12.

If you have no career ideas, it is still worthwhile considering what options your choices may exclude you from.  Here are a few popular professions and their preferred A' level subjects:

Professions Subjects
Engineering:   Maths and Physics
Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary  Chemistry and Biology
Physiotherapy/Nursing:   Biology
Computing: Maths
Accountancy:  Maths or Related Subject
Architecture: Art/design based subject, also like Maths
Pilot:     Maths and Physics