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How is my progress assessed?

We believe students should be given regular opportunities to show off their knowledge and skills, to receive feedback from their teachers, and experience assessment as close to exam conditions as possible so that the 'real thing' is less of a mystery.

For those reasons, students complete several sets of After School Assessments in both Years 12 and 13.  These assessments provide students and teachers with a regular 'dip test' of ability and allow issues to be identified where they arise. Since they take place after school, supervised by senior staff, they do not impact on valuable curriculum time in lessons.

In addition, ongoing assessment is a regular feature of Sixth Form lessons.

Will I do mock exams?


In June of Year 12, all students complete 'Transition Exams'. These serve as the bridge to Year 13.

In Year 13, students complete 'Mock Exams'. These usually take place in December.

Both sets of assessments add to the picture provided by in-class assessment, and students' After School Assessments. They also provide the most realistic impression we can give you of the 'real thing'.

How do I know how I am doing?

We make sure students are informed of the grades they obtain from After School Assessments, mock exams, etc. as promptly as possible.

Students and parents / carers can check on the latest progress data at any time by logging into (MCAS).

For MCAS login details, please email State your child's name, year group and tutor group.

What is on my report?

An example of a Year 12 report, March 2023.

You will find details of:

  • Forecast Grade = the grade your teachers believe you will achieve at the end of the course, if you keep working at the level you have so far.
  • Working at Grade = the grade your current work demonstrates.
  • After School = the grades achieved in your After School Assessments
  • Lesson Grades = the count of different lesson grades received in each subject within the period stated at the top.