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Instrumental Lessons

Here at Stratford we are proud to be able to offer Instrumental lessons to all of our students. We work closely with a number of providers in order to offer the best tuition possible. Whether your child is a complete novice or a skilled student taking their grades we can cater to all. We are able to offer tuition for the following instruments:

Violin Guitar/Bass/Ukulele
Flute Piano
Clarinet Vocals
Saxophone Drums

Lessons on these instruments are organised by the Stratford upon Avon School Music department, including all timetabling/invoicing, at a cost of £115.50 per instrument per term (11 x 20min lessons).

Lessons are timetabled during the school day and will be twenty minutes long. Due to the high number of students who receive instrumental tuition, we cannot guarantee that your child will receive their lesson during break or lunch. When organising the timetable for each instrument, we consider individual student timetables carefully to ensure where possible we avoid core subjects. Again, this is not always possible, but we work hard to ensure there is minimum disruption. Timetables will be distributed to students prior to lessons starting; this will be done via Microsoft Teams. 

Unfortunately, we do not have the facility to lend instruments but do have drum kits available whilst in school to those wishing to receive drum lessons. For other lessons you must provide your own instrument. Should you be receiving guitar or bass lessons and your child does not have their own at home, please email who will be able to discuss borrowing a school guitar for lesson time only.