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Assessment at Stratford upon Avon School is designed to provide a rigorous means of monitoring student progress and whether students are on track to meet or exceed targets and to further check the security, breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding of students in the classroom and throughout the year.

How do we formally assess?

Alongside the day to formative assessment of progress encountered in the classroom and student work – we also have a rigorous structure of formal assessment throughout the School Year:

Students’ working at grade is recorded at key points throughout the year and reported to parents via

For login details to this site, please email clearly stating your son/daughters name, year group and tutor group.   

  Working at Grade PPE/Attainment Tests Notes
Year 7 November March June      
Year 8 November February June      
Year 9 November February May July July Classroom based
Year 10 November February May July July Formal Assessments
Year 11 October December April   January Formal Assessments


Formal Assessments are completed in conditions intended to replicate external exams (Hall, Seating, Invigilation, personalised timetables etc).                             

What other data do we report on?

Forecast Grade – This grade reflects the teachers professional judgement based on the current work produced and reflects the grade that could be achieved at the end of the course (Year 11 / Year 13)

Attitude to Study – This grade reflects how the student has been preforming in lesson time and is taken from the average register grade (with 1 being excellent) six weeks prior to interim reports.

What sort of Grading do we use?

Years 7,8 and 9 use quintile bands B1-B5

Years 10 an d 11 use grades 9-1 following the A' level structure with fine grades +/-