The curriculum at Stratford upon Avon School is designed to engage, enthuse and inspire.  It is broad and balanced, developing a thirst for knowledge and understanding and a love of learning. It covers a range of subjects and provides opportunities for academic, technical and sporting excellence. (To view the individual subject curriculums in year group order please select from the year groups shown on the menu bar to the left of this page).

    The curriculum at Stratford upon Avon School enables students to experience a wide range of subjects in Year 7 and 8. Students develop a broad knowledge and skills base upon which they can build once they select their options for GCSE in Year 8 and begin to develop expertise across a number of different courses.

    Stratford upon Avon School has a curriculum offer which extends beyond the school day and offers a range of performing arts, sporting and literacy based opportunities for the students. Leadership development is also a feature of the extra-curricular provision in sport.

    As founding principles behind all of the subjects studied, students at Stratford upon Avon School will have been supported and challenged to leave us:

    • Demonstrating respect for themselves and others, aware of how their words and actions influence and affect others
    • Making informed decisions about their lifestyle choices; aware of how their actions now will impact on their future and the future of the wider society of which they are a part
    • Aware of their own strengths as a learner whilst still mindful of areas they need to continue to develop in the future. Furnished with resilience to tackle new challenges independently or as a part of a larger team
    • Equipped with literacy and numeracy skills which make them effective communicators in the world beyond School
    • An appreciation of cultural and social diversity with the ability to reflect on the world around them and their place within it now and in the future

    The curriculum for Stratford upon Avon School is founded on an entitlement for all students regardless of prior ability, experience or background.

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