School Policies

    School Attendance Target

    Student Attendance has improved significantly over the last two years and is now just over 95%.  However, our target for this year is 96%. We are working with students and their families to ensure that attendance in school continues to grow to allow all students to reach their full potential both socially and academically.

    Persistent Absence Definition

    An individual student is deemed as being persistently absent if their attendance drops below 90%, a level which invariably has a detrimental impact on their education. This is another area where the school has worked hard to improve and we now have a new target for Whole School Persistent Absence which is 5% for this year. We are working closely with W.C.C – Warwickshire Attendance Service (W.A.S) to resolve issues leading to absence.

    I am appealing for your support in significantly reducing the amount of learning lost through absence. If students are struggling and feeling under the weather, please give them some appropriate medication and send them into school, rather than allowing them to stay at home.

    Attendance Leaflet | PDF

    Attendance is extremely important and is a major factor in educational success.

    The Education Act 1996 requires regular attendance for all students on our roll. This is essential if they are to succeed and fulfil their potential. Our Attendance Officer will follow up unexplained or concerning levels of absence.

    Please note that there have been changes made to the Government’s Attendance legislation with effect from September 2013. These include:

    • Headteachers are no longer able to grant any leave of absence during term time unless they consider there are exceptional circumstances attached to the application.
    • If the Headteacher does consider the circumstances to be exceptional they will determine how many days absence is appropriate.
    • Leave of absence must be applied for in advance and cannot be granted afterwards.

    If a leave of absence is refused and the student is taken out of school anyway the absence will be considered unauthorised and may result in legal action being taken.

    Globally most Muslims do not practise FGM , it is neither a requirement or a "Sunna" in Islam. We are aware that some UK communities are more at risk than others. FGM is illegal in the UK and considered to be child abuse. As such we will follow appropriate safeguarding procedure whenever FGM is a possible reason for absence from school or removal from school role. 

    If your child must be absent from school please call our absence line on: 01789 209 296 and leave information regarding the students’ name, tutor group and the reason for the absence. This must be done each day of absence.

    Reminder to Parents: Leave of Absence During Term Time | PDF

    Attendance Policy Extract | PDF

    Application for Leave of Absence | PDF

    Attendance Matters!

    When is 90% not good enough? When it is your Attendance score!


    2 days missed per year

    10 lessons missed


    4 days missed per year

    20 lessons missed


    6 days missed per year

    30 lessons missed


    8 days missed per year

    40 lessons missed


    10 days missed per year

    50 lessons missed


    12 days missed per year

    60 lessons missed


    14 days missed per year

    70 lessons missed


    16 days missed per year

    80 lessons missed


    18 days missed per year

    90 lessons missed


    20 days missed per year

    100 lessons missed

    Stratford upon Avon School is committed to the education of its students. In order to achieve this, we need to have them in school and in lessons. Though in many situations 90% sounds like a good score - in attendance terms it isn’t. This is because this drop of 10% means a

    student misses 1 whole day of education per fortnight!

    1 day lost per fortnight = 4 weeks of school

    4 lost weeks of school = 120 lessons

    Over 5 years of schooling 90% attendance = ½ a YEAR of education lost

    ½ a Year of Education = 600 lessons missed

    Why is it important to be on time in the morning?

    Students are expected to arrive in school promptly at 8.45a.m for Period 1 lesson to start promptly at 8.50a.m. If a student is 15 mins late for lessons each day for a year they will miss the equivalent of 2 weeks lessons.

    15 mins late per day = 2 weeks lessons lost!

    15 mins late per day over 5 years = 285 lessons lost!

    5 mins late per day over 5 year = 1 month of education lost!

    Why does this make a difference?

    There is a proven link to attendance and exam success. If a student misses 17 days per year they are likely to drop one grade on every GCSE subject that they take.

    Attendance of 95% or more = 74% of students are likely to get 5 or more level 4 to 9 GCSEs.

    Attendance of 92.5 to 93.5% = 60% of students are likely to get 5 or more level 4 to 9 GCSEs.

    Attendance of 88% or lower = only 27% of students are likely to get 5 or more level 4 to 9 GCSEs.

    Attendance is important! Please do not take holidays in term time. If you are off ill for any reason please look at our homework page for information on reading lists and useful websites.

    If you have any questions. please call the school and ask to speak to our Attendance Officer on: 01789 268 051.

    Absence Line:

    01789 209296

    Please call before 8:45am on the morning of each day of absence.

    Should your child need to leave school during the day to attend a medical appointment, please write a note confirming details in the student planner. This will enable the class teacher to release a student to the Attendance Support Room (ASR) to sign out prior to leaving the school site.

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