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College System

The College System

Our College system has evolved around our students to ensure that each individual feels a valued and valuable part of the school community and that their wellbeing, future and aspirations are genuinely cared about and cultivated.

We have three colleges each divided into an upper (years 10,11,12 & 13) or lower (years 7,8 &9)  with their own College Leader to ensure our students are part of a smaller 'family' unit. Our Colleges are: Swan, Rose and Fortune, the names were all selected by our own students to reflect the school's link with Stratford upon Avon.

The Colleges encourage students to contribute to their tutor group, their College and to the school as a whole, thereby enhancing not only their own school experience but that of those around them. The Colleges place the students at the heart of the school and enable them to have their voice heard so that they can help to shape the school in its continuing development.

Within each College are a number of tutor groups which operate a ‘vertical’ tutoring system within the relevant year groups (upper & lower).  This means that each tutor group has students from either all the upper or lower years groups. This creates a more ‘family’ centred approach which ensures every individual is part of an important team that will take care of its members. This family approach continues throughout the wider school community as every member of staff is also a member of one of the four Colleges and supports that College in a variety of ways.

The College Cup

The College Cup reflects the spirit of competition between the Colleges and points are awarded to individuals for academic success and effort, sporting endeavours, good behaviour, good attendance and for individual contribution to the school and wider community.


Fortune Lower - Mrs H Collins
Fortune Upper College - Mrs A Arrandale
Rose Lower College - Mrs R Speechley
Rose Upper College - Mrs A Attwood
Swan Lower College - Mrs B Gribben
Swan Upper College - Mrs F Shaw