Updating Evidence

    All Duke of Edinburgh Award students must log on to the DofE website to begin the process of updating their evidence.

    Link to eDofE

    Please note that your Password is your date of birth: e.g. 27/06/1999

    Ten step guide to eDofE

    eDofE YouTube videos


    • Young person logs onto account using login details and password and registers their account
    • Young person updates personal information and chooses what they want to do for their sections
    • Leader logs on and approves or rejects
    • YP goes off and does activity for 3,6,9 months etc
    • YP get sheets and log book signed off by assessor
    • YP logs on and uploads signed and dated sheets onto eDofE
    • Leader logs on and approves or rejects

    If you have any queries, please speak to Mr Turrell. All ASDAN students will access this process during lesson time.

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