Subjects Offered for 2018 start

    Stratford upon Avon School has used the opportunity of moving to three A Levels rather than four AS levels to increase the number of teaching hours per subject. Students will now receive eleven teaching hours per subject, per fortnight timetable, instead of the national standard of ten.

    Neil Wallace, Headteacher

    Sixth Form Subjects:

    At Stratford School we have made the commitment to an A level (2 year) course in all subjects. This gives students time to thoroughly assimilate the information and skills they will need to be successful in their final exams; which prepares them well for their next step.

    Students are asked to choose 3 subjects in Year 12 that they will continue for the two years. They are also encouraged to take an enrichment course to support their studies like the Extended Project Qualification that counts as half an A' Level for University entry.

    Our minimum entry requirement is five GCSEs at level 4-9 including English and Maths (one non GCSE equivalent qualification will be considered if relevant).

    If you have any questions regarding entry requirements or courses please contact the school office via tel: 01789 268051 or through

    Level 3 Qualification - A Level courses:

    Art (Fine Art)


    Business Studies





    English Literature

    English Language




    Further Mathematics

    Media Studies


    Physical Education


    Design Technology (Fashion/Product)



    IT (Cambridge Tec)

    Extended Project (EPQ) Information

    Students wishing to participate in the extended project should indicate this on application to the Sixth Form.


    Entry Requirements

    Level 3 Qualifications -A Level Subject Entry Requirements (Level 2 / GCSE)
    Art (Fine Art - Drawing & Painting Level 5 in Art and / or evidence of Portfolio
    Biology Level 5,6,6 in Science or Maths in any combination
    Business Studies Level 4 in Maths and English Language
    Chemistry Level 5,6,6 in Science or Maths in any combination
    Criminology (Level 3 Diploma) Level 4 in English Language
    Dance Level 4 in English and a grade C in Dance or equivalent
    Economics Level 4 in Maths and English Language
    English Language Level 5  in English Language
    English Literature Level 5 in English Literature
    Geography Level 5 in Geography
    History Level 5 in English Language or History
    IT (Cambridge Tec) Level 4 in Maths and English Language
    Maths Level 6 in Maths
    Further Maths Level 7 in Maths
    Media Studies Level 4 in English Language
    PE (Physical Education) Level 5 in Sport / PE or level 5 in Biology or level 55 in Combined Science
    Physics Level 5,6,6 in Science or Maths in any combination
    Product Design Grade C in Design and Technology
    Psychology Level 6,5 in two Sciences and level 4 in English Language
    Photography Level 5 in Art or Photography and/or evidence of portfolio
    Sociology Level 4 in English Language
    Extended Project As part of our enrichment programme
    Level 2 Qualifications
    GCSE English Language (re-sit) Subject to discussion with the school
    GCSE Maths (re-sit) Subject to discussion with the school
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