Student Services

    Student Services is located on the ground floor corridor, near the main school reception. 

    Student Services is in this school to help the students make the most of their time at Stratford upon Avon School.  We provide high quality services that support them, enhance their learning and experiences and are responsive to their changing needs.

    Our core aim is to work with the students and all staff members, to develop excellent student support and student support services. By doing this, we help our students make good choices so they are ready to learn and we can promote progression throughout each academic year, until they participate in further and higher education.

    Student Services supports a safe and stimulating learning environment, to develop life skills complementary to academic learning.  We provide holistic pastoral care for all students so our service contributes to a unique positive experience at Stratford upon Avon School.

    This is the first port-of-call for students requiring assistance with:

    • First aid/poorly
    • Timetables
    • Planners
    • Purchasing stationery
    • Signing in and out
    • Lift passes
    • Medication storage
    • Vaccinations
    • Bus/transport enquiries
    • Lost property
    • Contacting parents in an emergency
    • Asking for advice and support
    • Lockers
    • Stationery
    • School uniform/shoes/ties/badges
    • Someone to share a problem with
    • Returning forms for certain events / school requirements
    What We Sell
    Calculators School Tie
    Pens School Badge
    Pencils School Folder
    Erasers Locker Key
    30cm Rulers Student Planner
    Geometry Sets Water Bottle



    Students are issued with their new bus passes before each new school year. We provide the following services relating to buses:

    • Timetables for all the bus services used by students
    • Advise on what to do if you lose a bus pass
    • Help in sorting out transport problems
    • Help in retrieving belongings that have been left on a school bus

    For further information, please contact Student Services.

    First Aid & Illness

    If students are not well in lesson, they must let their teacher know.  The teacher will give them a card to be excused from the lesson and will send the student down to Student Services. They will then be assessed by a first aider who will decide whether you are well enough to stay in school or need to be picked up and taken home.

    If students go home they must sign out of school in the signing/in out book. Sometimes students feel better after a little rest and a drink of water and can then return to class.

    Late Book, and Signing In / Out

    If students are late into school they must sign the late book which is kept in Student Services. They must also bring a note into school to explain why they are late.

    If students need to leave school for any reason e.g. a dentist appointment, parents must send a letter into school addressed to the form tutor explaining the reason you need to leave. This note needs to be signed by the student’s tutor and then brought to Student Services when the student signs out. If students are returning to school, they must enter the time they arrive back in school in the book.

    Locker Keys

    On joining the school, all students are issued with a locker key. If a student forgets their key and needs something from their locker, they need to go to Student Services during registration. A member of staff will then accompany them to their locker and open it for them.

    If a student loses their locker key they must first go to Student Services to see if it has been handed in. If a key is lost, the replacement key must be paid for. The student is issued with the spare key (which is kept for each locker) and a new one ordered.

    Lost Property

    Any lost property left in and around school should be brought to Student Services. If there is a name on a lost item of clothing, we do try to reunite it with the owner. We also display all current lost property on a table directly opposite Student Services.

    Payment for School Meals

    A new biometric cashless catering system was introduced in September 2011.  Payments for school meals are made via your ParentPay account or via PayPoint.

    Free School Meals

    Please refer to the Free School Meals section of our website for further information.  Application forms can also be obtained from Student Services.

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