Student Leadership Team

    The school has a Student Leadership Group consisting of forty eight ambitious students divided into four different committees; each with a bespoke and clear focus. Each committee is chaired by two Sixth Form leaders, themselves members of our Senior Sixth Form Student team.

    • Teaching & Learning Committee
    • Charities & Social Committee   
    • Student Welfare Committee       

    The Senior Student Team

    Headed up by the Head Boy / Head Girl team, the Senior Student Team consists of a body of Year 13 students with a variety of roles.  

    The school is extremely proud of its Senior Student Team. We see our Sixth Formers as the leaders of the future, and the opportunity to become involved in the Senior Student Team offers them the chance to develop skills and talents that are essential for success both within further education and the work place.

    This body of students has the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities both within the school environment and the wider community. They work tirelessly with Senior Management, Governors and the wider community, representing the school at a number of events, raising money for numerous charities and supporting younger students both through the College system and directly.

    By the time they leave us, they have developed a set of personal skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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