Student E-Mail


    Stratford upon Avon School - Student E-Mail

    This system will make it possible for students to use the recently launched Bromcom assessment system, access their attainment grades, target grades, and monitor their academic progress. In addition, the e-mail system will also allow students to electronically interact with teachers such as submitting homework or asking questions.

    Students will be able to access their e-mail account from outside the school by visiting from any internet enabled device and send and receive mail from the school.

    To ensure that the e-mail system remains safe and secure, a number of safeguards have been put in place. These are:

    • Students cannot e-mail to external addresses, but can receive from them
    • Students cannot see other students on an address list
    • E-Mails and their content will be filtered via the school’s network team and monitored for content and language
    • All internal e-mails can be traced to the source author and source address

    Student access to this internal e-mail system will be regarded as a privilege and not an entitlement. Misuse of this service will be regarded as a serious offence and will be dealt with in line with the School’s Behaviour Management Policy.

    During student enrolment, you will have previously indicated ICT consent for your child which encompasses broad use of ICT and network facilities, of which electronic e-mail will be included. However, if you have strong reservations about your child using the e-mail system and wish to withdraw your consent for this service please write to us, or make contact via e-mail, at:

    If you have any questions you wish to ask regarding the e-mail service, please contact the school.


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