Contacts (E-Mail)

    Please note that all staff can be contacted by using their first initial and surname with e.g.

    Curriculum Leaders:
    Art Mr C Owen
    English & Media Mrs S Hill
    Geography Mrs C Stacey
    History Mrs C Gallimore
    Humanities Mr L Bolton
    ICT & Business Studies Mr A Qureshi
    Maths Mr R Cannings
    MFL Mrs B Dalleau-White Mrs R Clarke-Happel
    Music Miss H Connan
    PE Mr S Calcott
    Performing Arts Miss S Rainsford
    Psychological & Social Sciences Mr B Kuwar
    Science Dr V Larner
    SPHERE Ms K Hough
    Technology Mr D Bartlett
    Fortune College
    Globe College
    Rose College
    Swan College
    Progress Leaders:  
    Year 7 Mr A Dionisi
    Year 8 Mr R Williams
    Year 9 Mr P Turrell
    Year 10 Mr J Hill
    Year 11 Ms L Staniland
    Further useful contacts:
    General Enquiries
    Admissions & Transition - Mrs Stanbury, tel: 01789 416 654
    Parent Login Enquiries
    Lettings Enquiries
    Alumni & Marketing Enquiries

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