How do I choose where to study my HE Course?

    There are many points to consider when choosing where to spend the next few years of your life studying a higher education course.  Begin by choosing the course you want to study rather than where you want to study it – however fantastic a university may be, if you do not enjoy the course you are studying you are less likely to succeed.

    Points to consider:

    • Does it offer the course I want to do? 
    • Is the course content of particular interest to me? 
    • Do I want to live in a city, town or rural area? 
    • Do I want to be in a large university, smaller university or college of further education? 
    • Would I prefer a modern university or a more traditional one? 
    • How far away from home do I want to be and how much would it cost to get home? 
    • What clubs and extra activities are on offer – could I continue with my current hobbies or interests?
    • What is the accommodation like?
    • Would I have an en-suite and how many would share my kitchen?
    • How far are the halls from where I would study or attend lectures?
    • Are meals included and at what cost?
    • How long could I live in halls for?
    • Would I need to move my things out during the holidays?
    • How much are property rentals in the area?
    • What is the cost of living in this area compared to others?
    • What are the opportunities for part time work locally?
    • What are the lecturers for my subject like?
    • What are the study facilities like and are they easily accessible?
    • On a visit, does it feel like I would fit in?  ALWAYS visit your top choices!
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