Homework & Coursework

    All students are expected to do homework. It will often be set well in advance of the submission date as a deliberate policy in order that students may learn to organise their time effectively.

    Students are encouraged to use the school Learning Resource Centre facilities, which are supervised at break, lunchtime and after school, and are encouraged to join department-run revision clubs.

    If you have any queries about homework please contact the relevant subject leader or your child's tutor in the first instance. Further information regarding homework can be accessed via the curriculum pages (by year group).

    Details of exam subject codes and coursework percentages can be found on the Exam Details page

    Weekly Homework Schedule

    Key Stage 3 (Year 7 & 8):

      Time Per Fortnight (Minutes)
    Subject Year 7 Year 8
    Maths 120 120
    English 120 120
    Science 120 120
    History 60 60
    Geography 60 60
    MFL 60 60

    Other subjects: Performing Arts, Technology, ICT, SPHERE and PE are set as required.

    Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10 & 11):

      Time Per Fortnight (Minutes)
    Subject Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
    Maths 180 240 240
    English 180 240 240
    Science 180 240 240
    Option Subjects 120 120 120

    Other subjects: SPHERE / PE are set as required.

    Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form):

    Specific homework tasks will be directed by staff.  However with supervised self-study and independent learning the School would expect students to consider that every 60mins of taught time, should be reflected in a minimum of another 60 minutes of independent study.  Some of this will be “Homework”, much more should be self-study.  The aim of a worked week to total 40 hours should underpin expectations for Homework and self-study.

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