How does the College Tutor system work?

    All students are allocated to a Form group.  These are arranged vertically through the school and comprise of a number of students from each academic year group. Each Form group has around twenty students and are placed within one of our four Pastoral Colleges: SwanGlobe, Rose and Fortune.

    Morning registration takes place at 8:45am and afternoon registration at 1:10pm at the start of period 4. Students will attend weekly assemblies in year groups led by their Progress Leader. Once a fortnight they will also attend a College Assembly led by the College Leader.

    Form tutors will monitor attendance and act as a personal mentor to all of their tutees.

    What do I do if my child is unwell?

    The Education Act 1996 requires regular attendance for all students on our roll. This is essential if they are to succeed and fulfil their potential. Our Attendance Officer will follow up unexplained or concerning levels of absence.

    If your child must be absent from school please call our absence line on 01789 209 296 before 8:45am and leave information regarding the students’ name, tutor group and the reason for the absence. This must be done each day of absence.

    Please note that family holidays must be avoided in term time. Apart from exceptional circumstances, they will be regarded as an unauthorised absence.

    What do I do if I have concerns about my child?

    The first person you should contact is your child’s Form Tutor. You can do this by writing a note in your child’s planner or by calling reception and leaving a message.  Alternatively you can e-mail: staff@stratfordschool.co.uk and mark it for the Tutor’s attention in the subject line.

    How important are homework/coursework deadlines?

    Very important. Students are given deadlines for the submission of coursework / homework, which allow an appropriate time opportunity for students to complete the work set. This assigned work to be completed independently is a requirement for academic success.

    What is the school’s expectation of students?

    We are very keen to ensure that all lessons are taught in an atmosphere of trust and co-operation that will allow all students to reach their academic potential. We also expect that students will demonstrate respect for others in their conduct around school.

    Issues that may cause us concern are:

    • Poor attendance
    • Poor punctuality
    • Failure to hand in work
    • Low level disruption
    • Failure to follow standard rules / meet our code of conduct
    • Other behaviour that threatens the learning / welfare of other students
    • Plagiarism

    How will I find out about my child’s progress?

    When your child starts at the school, you will be provided with login details for My Child at School MCAS. This enables you to access and monitor your child’s academic and behaviour records as well as their attendance.

    You will also receive termly interim assessment reports which will include a report from your child's tutor.

    You will be invited to attend a Parents' Evening and a Curriculum Evening during the course of the acedemic year.

    When is the Learning Resource Centre open?

    The LRC is open to students from 8:30am Monday to Friday, as well as during break times and the lunch period.  After school, the LRC is supervised until 4:10pm Monday to Friday.

    The LRC houses a range of resources including a library of books and an expanding range of multi-media resources. It has been developed into a real hub of learning, with an expansion of networked computers, with internet and printer access, to facilitate independent learning.

    How do I find out about…

    Emergency Notices - Including school closure will be posted on the website's homepage.

    Attendance Issues - If your child has not registered and we have not had a phone call to explain why, you will receive a group call text message to your phone and email. Please reply to this immediately for safeguarding reasons.  If you have any questions about attendance, please contact the School Attendance Officer on 01789 416 621.

    General Notices - Will be in the School Newsletter which is sent electronically to all parents / carers with an email address registered with us. It is also available on the website and paper copies can be obtained at the school.

    Important Notices - Will be emailed or sent via text message.

    Trips and Visits - A letter will come home with your child. Trip dates and details will also be added to the school calendar.

    Student Concerns - What do I do if...

    I have lost my book / item of uniform?

    Check the lost property cupboards outside the Attendance Support Room in the first instance. The PE department also has a lost property box if you have mislaid any items of sports kit.

    I have lost my planner?

    Planners must be carried to all lessons for the recording of homework, deadlines and other notes. It should be kept in good order and free of graffiti. Should it be lost it must be replaced, a temporary planner can be issued for no more than a week. A new planner can be purchased from the Attendance Support Room.

    I have forgotten my tie?

    If you have lost your tie can borrow a spare one from your College Leader; you will need to leave something with them as a deposit.  If you have lost your tie, you can purchase a new one from the Attendance Support Room for £4.50.

    I am unhappy or having problems with other students?

    In the first instance please go to your Form Tutor and explain the problem. You can also visit our peer mentors - your Tutor will be able to tell you how.

    I feel unwell?

    Inform your teacher who will assess the situation and may advise you to go to the Attendance Support Room. Please do not call your parents/carers – the Attendance Support Room will do this for you if necessary.

    I arrive late?

    Bring a letter from home explaining why you are late and sign in at the Attendance Support Room upon arrival. If you arrive late without a letter, you will receive a lunchtime detention. The exception to this is if your bus is running late.

    I have forgotten my homework?

    Go to the teacher who set your homework and explain what has happened.

    I have been off school?

    Speak to your subject teachers to find out what work you missed whilst absent and ascertain whether there is any homework/catch up work, you need to complete.

    I have an external appointment?

    Ask your parent/carer to note your appointment in your student planner, providing an appointment card or letter if you have one and then have your planner signed by your tutor. Remember to show this to the Attendance Support Room before you leave, then sign out of school. When you return, sign back in at the Attendance Support Room and then return to your timetabled lesson.

    If you have an early morning appointment, please ensure that your parent/guardian calls the absence line on 01789 209 296 before 8:45am to let the school know your whereabouts.

    Where possible, we ask that you do come in to school to register in the morning/afternoon before going to an external appointment so that your attendance record is not affected.

    Can my teacher countersign my passport?

    In 2017, the Home Office updated the restrictions on people countersigning passports.  The update prevents anyone from countersigning who only knows the applicant on a professional level.  It is therefore not possible for our staff to countersign student passports unless we have a personal connection with the applicant outside of school and in which case the matter should be addressed outside school.

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