2017 Exam Results

    A-Level Results

    We are pleased to report another strong set of A and AS results this summer. The school set new records for top grades with 21% A*-A grades achieved by our most able students in Year 13, 43% A*-B grades, whilst 69% of A Level results were A*-C. Notable achievements include Breton Day (A*,A*,A), Harrison Cook (A*,A,A) and Jack Smith(A*,A,A,B), Jamie Thomas (A*,A,B,B) and Bryn Turner (A*,B,B). In Year 12, high performers include Ben Wilkinson (A,A,A), Mena Couki (A,A,B), Katherine Dobedoe (A,A,B,B) and Hannah Keaney (A,A,B,B).

     “We are very pleased with the results our students have achieved. These are the culmination of an immense amount of hard work over the last two years by students and staff. These results have given students access to a wide range of University courses and routes into employment, including prestigious Russell Group Universities and high quality apprenticeships. We wish every one of our students the very best and I’m sure they will leave Stratford School with an abundance of happy memories”. Neil Wallace, Headteacher


    GCSE Results

    “We’re really pleased with another strong set of results at Stratford upon Avon School with a school record 20% of all entries graded A*-A or equivalent across all subjects. Against a backdrop of changes nationally with numbered qualifications in English and Maths for the first time, 75% of students achieved grade 4+ in English (the new ‘good’ pass or old grade C equivalent) and 70% in Maths, with 62.5% achieving grade 4+ in English and Maths. There had been considerable uncertainty where the grade boundaries would fall with some ‘volatility’ expected in results. However, despite the removal of all coursework, and Speaking and Listening components in the new English exam, students achieved 20 of the new top grade 9’s in English and Maths.

    As a comprehensive school it is important that students make good progress from their respective starting points, regardless of their ability on intake and it is lovely to see so many students achieving grades to be proud of. Hanan Shinwari, Hussayn Shinwari, Matthew Vickers, Molly Kingham, Joseph Jackson and Ben Albrecht made the most progress from KS2-4 and should be particularly congratulated on their achievements.

    There were some standout individual performances like Libby Dwyer with 8 A*s, 2 grade 9’s and a grade 8. Other high attainers included Hanan Shinwari (2 grade 9’s and a grade 8, 6 A*s, 1 A, 1 C), Emilia Carter (3 grade 9’s, 4 A*s, 4 A’s and a grade B), Cassandra Lee (grades 9,8,8, 4A*s, 3 A’s, Distinction*), Grace Denyer (6 A*s, grades 9,8,8,A,B,B) and Charlotte Loyer (grades 9,9,7, 5 A*s, 3A’s and a C).

    We would like to commend the hard work put in by students and staff that have made these results possible.  Neil Wallace, Headteacher

    Exam Results 2017



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