Admissions to Sixth Form

    If you missed the application deadline or have had to alter your choice of Post 16 education for any reason we are still happy to consider your application. Complete the application form below and follow the enrolment instructions in the Welcome to Sixth Form pdf on the Taster Day 2018 page.

    If you have any queries at all about sixth form applications, email and someone will respond to you when the office is open; do not leave a message on the school voicemail as this is not checked daily during the holiday.

    Stratford upon Avon School Sixth Form Entry Requirements

    At Stratford upon Avon Sixth Form we tailor our course offering to achieve the best educational outcome for each individual student.   An accompanying schedule of supported study, Life Skills & Career development, and elective enrichment activities provide a personalised programme of study.

    Application Form for Entry in September 2018

    General Entry Requirements:

    Our minimum entrance requirements are five GCSEs at Level 4-9 including English Language and Maths (GCSE equivalent qualifications will be considered on a case by case basis)

    Please familiarise yourself with our subjects available for Sept 2018 by selecting the link on the right and going to our 'Subjects Offered' page.

    Core Requirements:

    • Evidence of good attitude to study
    • Evidence of good attendance
    • Completed application form
    • Internal students school report and attainment data will be reviewed.

    External Students:

    External students will be invited for an interview and we will contact your current school for a reference. 

    Important Dates for Admission:

    • Closing Date for Applications: 2nd February 2018
    • Selection Process: Feb-April 2018
    • Taster Days: July (tbc) 2018
    • GCSE Results and Sixth Form Enrolment: 23rd August 2018

    We are quite rightly very proud of our Sixth Form at Stratford upon Avon School.  If you believe you have the right ethos to do the very best you can, and make the most of your time with us, then we would be happy to receive your application to join us in September 2018.

    Entry Requirements

    Level 3 Qualifications -A Level Subject Entry Requirements (Level 2 / GCSE)
    Art (Fine Art - Drawing & Painting Level 5 in Art and / or evidence of Portfolio
    Biology Level 5,6,6 in Science or Maths in any combination
    Business Studies Level 4 in Maths and English Language
    Chemistry Level 5,6,6 in Science or Maths in any combination
    Criminology (Level 3 Diploma) Level 4 in English Language
    Dance Level 4 in English and a grade C in Dance or equivalent
    Economics Level 4 in Maths and English Language
    English Language Level 5  in English Language
    English Literature Level 5 in English Literature
    Geography Level 5 in Geography
    History Level 5 in English Language or History
    IT (Cambridge Tec) Level 4 in Maths and English Language
    Maths Level 6 in Maths
    Further Maths Level 7 in Maths
    Media Studies Level 4 in English Language
    PE (Physical Education) Level 5 in Sport / PE or level 5 in Biology or level 55 in Combined Science
    Physics Level 5,6,6 in Science or Maths in any combination
    Product Design Grade C in Design and Technology
    Psychology Level 6,5 in two Sciences and level 4 in English Language
    Photography Level 5 in Art or Photography and/or evidence of portfolio
    Sociology Level 4 in English Language
    Extended Project As part of our enrichment programme
    Level 2 Qualifications
    GCSE English Language (re-sit) Subject to discussion with the school
    GCSE Maths (re-sit) Subject to discussion with the school

    Criteria for Allocation of Places

    Sixth form places will be allocated on the following basis:

    • Attainment of general entry requirement of five level 5 GCSEs including English Language and Maths
    • Attainment of subject specific entry requirements.

    Oversubscribed Subject Allocation:

    The criteria above must first be met then subject places will be allocated in the following order;

    • Students who already study at Stratford upon Avon School
    • The date applications are received


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