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    “Every parent wants a good school for their child and every child deserves one; every member of staff wants to work in a good school, and that is certainly what we are. Ofsted last visited in March 2016. At the time, we were pleased with the report which was a fair reflection of the school at that point. However, over the last 3 years the school has improved further and now provides an excellent education for our students. The day-to-day experience at the school has never been better. Nevertheless, we were proud to see Ofsted highlighting so many positives during their brief visit:”


    • “The headteacher has been relentless in his drive to deal with all the issues raised in the previous inspection. He has given the school community a renewed energy to improve progress for all pupils in the school” (p3)
    • “The school’s published aim through its curriculum is to ‘engage, enthuse and inspire’ and this aim is met” (p3)
    • “the way the school encourages confidence and maturity from its pupils” (p3)
    • “Keeping children safe in school has the highest priority and pupils have several contact points if they are in need of help” (p4)


    • “The quality of teaching is now good, with some areas of outstanding practice particularly in the sixth form. As a result, pupils in school now make good progress in all key stages” (p4)
    • “Relationships between teachers and pupils are good and the great majority of pupils are keen to learn and achieve well” (p4)
    • “Teaching assistants are particularly effective as they challenge and support pupils well. They guide pupils in their learning without doing the work for them and this helps to encourage deeper thinking and independence” (p4)
    •  “Pupils’ behaviour in lessons is usually good and adults manage any issues that arise well. This means that teachers and pupils can stay focused on learning. This also influences the good progress pupils make” (p4)


    • “The positive and supportive culture in school supports pupils’ well-being effectively” (p4)
    • “The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are positive about the school, are keen to learn and say that behaviour has improved significantly since the last inspection” (p5)
    • “Pupils are polite and courteous around the school and move sensibly around the building” (p5)
    • “Behaviour in the great majority of lessons is good or better” (p5)


    • “outcomes for pupils in school now are good across all year groups and in most subjects” (p5)
    • “The progress of all groups of pupils in school now has improved, and in some cases, significantly so” (p5)
    • “The attainment of most able pupils … was slightly above the national average for this group of pupils in 2015. Also, the most able pupils who made more than expected progress in both English and mathematics were above national figures. The most able pupils in school now make good progress” (p5)
    • “Pupils receive information, careers advice and guidance of the highest quality to help them make the right choices to move forward with their learning. This is a real strength in the school. Activities to help pupils develop their personal skills and enrich their learning experience raise their aspirations and ambitions to do well and proceed to the next stage of their education” (p5-6)


    • “Outcomes since the last inspection have improved significantly, exceeding the national average in some measures across learning pathways at AS, A level and vocational subjects. This is the result of improved teaching, mentoring and personalised support for individual learners. Outcomes in the sixth form are now good” (p6)
    • “The quality of teaching in the sixth form has improved significantly. It is now good and in some areas it is outstanding…. particularly in terms of deeper thinking and challenge for learners” (p6)
    • “Learners’ personal development and welfare in the sixth form is outstanding and is supported by a well-structured programme with a clearly identified rationale that meets learners’ needs. This includes work experience, which students enjoy and value greatly. As a result, learners become confident, highly articulate and ambitious young people” (p6)
    • “They value their education in the sixth form and the support they are given, saying that their teachers “go above and beyond” to help them” (p6)

    Inspectors described the overwhelmingly positive feedback they had received from students, parents and staff about how the school has improved over the last couple of years. You will see that reflected in the report. Some 407 parental replies were taken into account which is far in excess of the number most schools generate, and an encouraging endorsement in itself. The report found in agreement with our own self-evaluation and is a fair and balanced assessment of our school.

    There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes which parents and students don’t always get to see, notably how “The governing body is rigorous in its support and challenge of the headteacher and other school leaders, which has really helped the school to improve” (p1). The future direction of the school is in the best possible hands.

    Going forward, our focus will be on continuing to develop leadership, learning and teaching because “although teaching is good, it is not yet outstanding” (p4) and to improve further we need to ensure a higher level of consistency. We will also be developing closer links with other schools over the next few years for our mutual benefit.

    Please take the time to read the full report and share the excellent news throughout the local community!

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