Within our Sixth Form we promote an adult and business-like working environment. This is factored on mutual respect and trust, and as such we are keen to offer students a degree of responsibility for their own learning. Nevertheless, we do recognise that this is a structured environment and therefore we have a number of expectations. These include:

    • A high level of student attendance and punctuality
    • Student attendance at both their Form group and weekly Sixth Form briefing
    • Business attire

    We view our Sixth Formers as outstanding role models to our younger students and expect them to take an active role within their form groups and College.

    Choosing the right course for you:

    A-Levels and other Level 3 courses are stimulating, engaging and develop a greater quality of understanding for students. Whilst rewarding, they are a step up in difficulty from those studied during GCSE. Choose your subjects wisely.

    Choose subjects you will be good at:

    It can be very difficult to stay motivated if you are finding your studies difficult. Look carefully at the course syllabus, even if it’s a subject you’ve already studied, and look at the way that it is taught and assessed. With new subjects check whether they share any similarities with other subjects or with extra-curricular activities you enjoy. Our experience tells us that certain combinations of subjects often support each other, e.g. Maths with Sciences, English with History,

    Check your combination of subjects:

    If you have a specific career or Higher Education course that you wish to follow, please check carefully that the combination of subjects you choose meets the requirements. If not, there are now very few universities and courses that insist you have taken specific A ‘levels in order to be able to study with them.


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